Drum VSTs

If you are a music producer, you know how important the rhythm section is for a good production. The rhythm contributes a lot to the feel of the track. This is not only true for dance music or rock music where the drums get a lot of attention but also for calmer styles like chill out or soft pop.

However, every style requires different drum sounds and kits. Maybe you need orchestral drums in order to arrange a classical movie score, maybe you need a few proper dance kits in order to produce the next techno hit or maybe you need some smashing rock drums to accompany your heavy guitars.

Depending on what you need, there are many different programs available. If you’re a newbie to music production you might get overwhelmed with the many possibilities that are out there. And even if you have been producing music for a while, there are probably some great tools you haven’t even heard of.

That’s why I want to give you a little overview about drum VSTs on this website. At the moment this site is still under construction and I will add more content later when I have more time. So maybe check back in a few months if you want to stay updated about drum VSTs.